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H360 1 Stainless Steel Post box Letter box Mailbox

H360 1 Stainless Steel Post box Letter box Mailbox

Another commonly specified mailbox, the model H360-1 stainless steel letter box is a wider yet shallower version of our best selling model H270-1 unit. This multi occupancy mailbox is best suited to larger lobby areas in which a focal point is to be achieved - its width lending itself well to landscape style banks of mailboxes. It is suitable for both small scale apartment and flat projects and the largest of multi-use developments and particularly so for student accommodation projects. It is also available as an extra large capacity mailbox - our model H360-2.

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This stainless steel letter box has dimensions of 360mm width, 110mm height and a standard depth of 260mm. A popular unit it has become an industry standard across Europe for high density residential schemes and commercial office developments. It is a front-entry front-retrieval unit (in-front, out-front) and conforms to EN13724 (accepts A4 mail without having to fold or bend the post, has anti-theft baffle to aperture) and is Royal Mail approved. Where applicable, it complies to Secured By Design requirements (clauses 21.19 and 24.6).

The model H360-1 is designed to be incorporated and assembled into larger banks of post boxes - typically, from small banks of 6 units up to larger banks of 300+ units. The model H360-1 mailbox is most suited to large scale city centre residential schemes and student accommodation.

It comes in satin (brushed) stainless steel fininsh to grade 304 or grade 430.

It is suitable for both internal and external use with a choice of different casings, surrounds and support legs.


  • Stainless steel letter box suitable for internal or external use, either wall mounted, wall recessed, or free standing on support legs.
  • Dimensions per unit: 360 x 110 x 260mm (width, height, depth).
  • Aperture size: 325 x 35mm. Conforms to EN 13274 (accepts A4 envelope without having to fold or bend; anti-theft flap to inner aperture).
  • Manufactured and bank-assembled in Europe.
  • Mailbox body and door manufactured from steel, door and flap manufactured from stainless steel.
  • High / large capacity letter boxes available – model H360-2.
  • Each post box comes complete with 2 keys (200 differs). Additional mailbox keys available at time of order only.
  • Secure postbox, with 2.8mm thick stainless steel doors, high security cylinder cam lock and extra wide anti-pilfer baffle flap to inner aperture.
  • Hinged to right, side opening.
  • Available in satin (brushed) stainless steel to grade 304 or grade 430.
  • Numbering and lettering to flap can be specified for an additional charge.
  • Choice of surrounds and support legs depending upon type of application.
  • Blank door (without flap) and parcel shelf system can be specified for uneven bank configurations.
  • Post Boxes UK recommends a maximum bank size of 72 multiple mailboxes in a six wide twelve high configuration (6w 12h). Should you wish to specify a larger bank size than this, please call us on +44 (0)121 288 0838 to discuss.


Should you require any further information regarding H360-1 stainless steel letter boxes or wish to discuss your enquiry, please call Post Boxes UK today on +44 (0)121 288 0838. Alternatively, your enquiry can be emailed to and where possible, we would that drawings be sent in pdf format. Thank you.

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