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Lost your post box keys / letterbox keys / mailbox keys?


Don't worry. Post Boxes UK can help. Email keys Or call us on 0121 288 0838.

Losing your mailbox keys can be a major problem. Not being able to open your letterbox can cause unnecessary stress and inconvenience. This is especially true with any time-sensitive pieces of post such as utility or credit card bills. There is nothing worse than having to retrieve your mail by skimming through the aperture or flap of the mailbox and this is especially embarrassing if you are caught doing so by a neighbour or concierge.

Worse still is owners bending back the door of their postbox and damaging it beyond repair. This can lead to future instances of mail theft from your letterbox.



There is a much easier alternative. 

Post Boxes UK can supply mailbox keys and letter box keys for the majority of major European and UK manufacturers. All we need is the key reference for your mailbox. 

More often than not, this is a three or four digit reference number, sometimes with and sometimes without letters, found on the inside on the box. Just lift the flap on your postbox and look inside for the sticker with the key reference on it. 

It can help if you have a small torch or use the flash light on your mobile phone! Take a photo of the key sticker if necessary.


What you need to do:


  1. First thing to do is get the post box key reference from the inside of your letterbox. 

  2. Check the lock. Is it the same size, shape and colour as the majority or all of the other locks in the bank of mailboxes? This is important. If a previous owner has changed the lock on your mailbox, there is a good chance that they didn't change the key reference on the sticker. Your replacement letter box keys will not work with the new lock.

  3. Email with your key reference and we will forward a quotation to you. 


Depending upon the lock and mailbox manufacturer, a pack of keys can range from £9.50 plus p&p to £31.50 plus postage and packing.


Which manufacturers post box keys do you do?

We deal with the majority of mailbox manufacturers from UK and Europe - we can source the following manufacturers:


Brabantia mailbox keys

DAD post box keys

Ju post box keys

Renz mailbox keys

Arregui letterbox keys

Alubox letter box keys

Please note that Post Boxes UK cannot be held responsible for supplying keys that do not work. Orders for keys are done in good faith on the basis that the key reference supplied by the customer is the correct one as advised by the post box manufacturer. Once keys have been received by a customer, they cannot be returned to Post Boxes UK for a refund.

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