Keyless Mailbox Systems: What you should know.

Over the past ten years, there has been a steady rise of keyless door entry systems incorporated into blocks of flats and apartments. Advances in technology has seen a variety of ingenious touchpads, keypads and key fob entry systems being used by developers to ensure the safety of residents and to keep apartment blocks secure.

New Contract Win

Post Boxes UK, the nations most progressive manufacturer of banks of letter boxes and mailboxes, is proud to announce it has recently won an order to supply a bank of thirty five post boxes to a developer in the South West. Whilst this may seem nothing out of the ordinary, this was not the first

August 2013 European factory shutdowns

It happens every year with the predictability of the tide. And every year, it causes major headaches for contractors and developers alike. And yet the annual two to four week factory shutdowns during August of most European post box manufacturers is completely avoidable with a little planning.   Preparation, preparation, preparation Post Boxes UK is

Letter Boxes for Offices

In our last article we looked at mailboxes for student accommodation, and in particular what architects and developers should look for in a mailbox unit when specifying for a student accommodation project. In the following article, we will look at those issues which need to be addressed when specifying banks of letter boxes for offices.