August 2013 European factory shutdowns

It happens every year with the predictability of the tide. And every year, it causes major headaches for contractors and developers alike. And yet the annual two to four week factory shutdowns during August of most European post box manufacturers is completely avoidable with a little planning.   Preparation, preparation, preparation Post Boxes UK is

Letter Boxes for Offices

In our last article we looked at mailboxes for student accommodation, and in particular what architects and developers should look for in a mailbox unit when specifying for a student accommodation project. In the following article, we will look at those issues which need to be addressed when specifying banks of letter boxes for offices.


Mailboxes for Student Accommodation

With the number of students attending universities in the UK at an all time high, it is small wonder that blocks of student accommodation are springing up in virtually every major town and city. In this article about mailboxes for student accommodation, we look at the criteria which need to be addressed by both client

Need Delivery of Mailboxes Before Christmas? No Problem.

Now that we’re officially into silly season, and with thoughts turning to the festive period, there are some clients and customers who are still looking to receive banks of post boxes and mailboxes before sites and manufacturing facilities shutdown. Typically, with manufacturing / lead times of between 3 to 6 weeks (depending upon specification) orders