French Post Boxes

French post boxes are by their nature more extravagant in design, dimension and style and generally fussy in design. Locks are adequate with 500 differs. Although the majority of units conform with European Norm EN13724 as expected, accepting A4 mail and having acceptable water ingress qualities, the construction of the units can be debateable, especially when banked together. It is not uncommon to find that whilst the box bodies line up to one another, this is not always the case with the doors, which can look skewed and uneven.

You will find a wide range of French post boxes across much of France but particularly so in the cities and metropolitan areas. High density apartment blocks and student accommodation commonly have banks of mailboxes both within the internal lobby areas and outside the main entrances on the street. As such, mail can be delivered efficiently and relatively securely: relatively, as in our experience, locks can be easily compromised (picked) and the low profile / horizontal units easily fished from (putting ones hand in the aperture and skimming mail from inside the box).

These units are available from Post Boxes UK with a range of finishing surrounds including a casing surround (also known as EP surround) for wall mounted (face fixed) and free standing application, and mitre cut flange trim (also known as PE surround) for wall recessed applications. Other accessories include engraving detail to either the letter flaps or directly onto the doors, engraved name plate inserts for Perspex windows, and additional keys.

Furthermore, clients can specify any RAL colour of their choice and are not restricted to the standard range of finishes. There is a surcharge for this however.

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