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Back of door mail bag / mail sack. Guard your mail with a back of door mail guard sack.

Guard your mail with this suede embroidered mail guard bag which fixes neatly over the top of your existing letter flap to the back of door, catching any mail that is delivered preventing it from falling to the floor. This is particularly useful for those who have trouble picking up their mail off the floor, or for those who have pets who always seem to get there before their owners do!

Manufactured from machine washable suede, it fixes to any door using a strong self-adhesive velcro. This makes it incredibly easy to install, no tools are required except for a pair of scissors.

When empty it sits flat against the door. This is particularly useful if your front door opens directly against an adjacent wall, where a rigid post box body might restrict the door from opening to the full 90 degrees.

It also acts as a draught excluder and stops people from peeping through your letterbox.

Available in three standard finishes of cream, tan and choclate.

Dimensions: 40cm width x 54cm height.

Discounts for bulk quantities.
Price: £39.00 (£46.80 Inc. VAT)