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Need Delivery of Mailboxes Before Christmas? No Problem.

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Need delivery of mailboxes before Christmas? No problem.

Need delivery of mailboxes before Christmas? No problem.


Now that we’re officially into silly season, and with thoughts turning to the festive period, there are some clients and customers who are still looking to receive banks of post boxes and mailboxes before sites and manufacturing facilities shutdown.

Typically, with manufacturing / lead times of between 3 to 6 weeks (depending upon specification) orders for bespoke banks of mailboxes should have been placed some three or perhaps four weeks ago, to be on the safe side.

At Post Boxes UK however, we can still offer banks of residential post boxes and commercial letter boxes for delivery this side of Christmas.

You do need to be quick however. Orders can be accepted for certain units by the 12th December, and we will ensure that delivery is made to site by Friday 21st December.

We would request that you contact us on 0121 288 0838 to discuss your enquiry in full.