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Simply Postboxes – have they missed delivery of your order?

Saturday, December 9th, 2017

Simply Postboxes – have they missed delivery of your order?


Over the past couple of months, Post Boxes UK has received a number of enquiries from customers of Simply Postboxes, who have found themselves in limbo due to non-delivery from their usual supplier.

We have had builders contacting us for multi-bank letterboxes of 30+ units which they have previously ordered and paid deposits for, only to find that they have not had emails returned or phone calls answered over extended periods. We have also received calls from members of public who have placed online orders via their website, and experienced the same non-delivery of goods.


Social reviews


Reviews on social media are equally dismissive of the company:


  • I ordered a post box at start of November, received no contact off them and no post box! Many emails and Facebook messages and call going straight to voicemail they tell me they don’t have stock of the box and would refund….. Still no refund! But the changed the status of order to cancelled! Now ignoring all messages! Keep away do not order anything! It’s a con!


  • I have ordered a letterbox online on 24th October. I have now sent two emails, Facebook messages and left two voicemails, as your phone is never answered. I am looking for a refund of the £120 I paid you as it doesn’t look like you intend to honour the sale or reply to me. Poorest customer service ever


  • I’ve been waiting for 3 months to fix my post box, I’ve had a lot of fob offs! All I want is a refund so I can go somewhere with customer service


Indeed, one online complaint which was less than salutary, resulted in Simply Postboxes finally contacting their customer. Effective but somewhat undesirable.


Online complaints


A quick search on a popular engine reveals further customer dissatisfaction:


  • I think they’ve gone into receivership. Not answering comms by any medium and not honouring promises to provide missing parts. Nil contact since Sep 17.


  • No stars. Took my deposit, then doesn’t answer phone or deliver goods. Have had to escalate through Paypal to get my money back.


  • Ordered post boxes on the 13th August (2017). Not received them, cannot get through on the number. Spoken to one guy there twice out of hundreds of calls promised a call back which was not received. Poor service, they do not stock items themselves so order direct in the future. Waste of my time. Trading standards have been contacted. Do not use !!!!


  • Terrible!


Again, the last complaint received a response from Simply Postboxes, suggesting that the customer had had a bad experience with another mailbox company of the same address. Okay. So exactly how would Simply know that the customer had been dealing with the other mailbox company (which went into administration some time ago), if the two companies aren’t related?

All of the above has fuelled speculation that Simply themselves may have gone into administration. At this time, we cannot confirm this.

If you have placed an order with Simply Postboxes and still waiting for delivery of goods, whilst we cannot help with refunds of payments made, we may be able to help with delivery of goods. Contact Post Boxes UK today on 01922 218218 or email us. (more…)