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Mailboxes Made in England

Mailboxes Made in England


Mailboxes Made in England

Historically, mailboxes have been the domain of the Europeans, in particular Germany. This is no surprise since virtually every home in Europe has a letter box or mailbox either at the end of their driveway or in the entrance lobby to their apartment block.

Subsequently, virtually every European country has at least one mailbox manufacturer. Again, the big players tend to be German companies, and of late they have been on a bit of a shopping spree, buying up smaller manufacturers left, right and centre. But Spain, Italy, France, even Sweden have their own manufacturers.

And even though mailbox culture is not so ingrained into the British psyche, we too have our own manufacturers. The biggest of these has recently been acquired by a German manufacturer, one assumes looking to buy their way into the UK market and introduce certain economies of scale. Other British mailbox manufacturers tend to be smaller in nature than their European counterparts, but this allows them to be more flexible. Bespoke size units, and outright design specials are what set the smaller manufacturers apart.

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  1. Christopher James Says:

    Interesting. Maybe I should buy a new mailbox from England then.

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