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Banks of letterboxes for housing developments and estates?

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Banks of letterboxes for housing developments and estates?

Banks of letterboxes for housing developments and estates?


With the Royal Mail seemingly forever looking at reducing costs without reducing their level of service, the future of mail delivery in the UK is as uncertain today as it has ever been. Add a dash of privatisation and who knows what could happen?!

The advantages of banks of letterboxes in communal entrance and lobby areas of apartment blocks is immediately apparent. The cost to the Royal Mail, and subsequently the sender and the receiver of the mail, is significantly reduced when the postman or post woman only spends 5 minutes delivering to a bank of letterboxes rather than 10 minutes by walking to each front door within the same block of flats.

Any business which could potentially reduce one of its significant costs by half would press for such measures. But the Royal Mail is understandably cautious on reducing a level of service which has been part and parcel (sorry!) of every day life for hundreds of years. (Since 1660 in one form or another).

To look at it another way, what if the Royal Mail already delivered mail to a central delivery point on each housing estate, on each road, and in each city in the country. Imagine the uproar if they announced that they would change from central residential mailboxes to deliver letters to each residents door, but that the cost of sending that piece of mail could cost the sender double?

And so, one would expect in time that new housing developments, as well as apartment, student accommodation and mixed-use schemes, will increasingly have central banks of letterboxes incorporated into their planning, rather than letter plates in each front door.


Multiple Benefits

The cost of mail delivery is the major benefit here. The cost savings are obvious.

But it is not just the Royal Mail and their customers who would benefit from such a proposal. Not having a letter plate in a front door has long been championed by the Police and crime prevention groups such as Secured By Design. The widely held belief is that a letter plate is the weak point on a front door. Would be thieves look through letter plates of potential target’s homes and then use a variety of techniques to carry out their crimes via the letter plate.

Removing the letter plate would seem to make sense then.




Letter plate or post box? Which is the most secure?



There is also the potential of an increased sense of community. In an age when more of us are becoming less involved in the communities in which we live, a communal area which houses a bank of letterboxes for a new housing estate may be seen as a way of bring the local people together, a place to meet and chat, where residents could get up to date issues regarding their communities.


The downsides

There are however some obvious concerns with having centralised banks of letterboxes. The first is security of mail. The letterboxes must be secure. Whilst no letterbox infallible, there are plenty of secure letterboxes available on the market – take a look at our range of anti-theft letterboxes to see what we mean.

Access is another issue. The Royal Mail would prefer the boxes to be as close to a main road as possible not help minimise delivery costs. Residents would want the letterboxes to be easily accessible by both car and by walking.

And the good old British weather. Most of us take for granted the convenience of not having to venture outdoors in a force ten gale to collect our letters. So having to pop out to our letter box just to collect the odd utility bill would seem too much of an inconvenience.



What next?

The greater inconvenience however is that the Royal Mail is an inefficient service. As the costs of sending letters and parcels goes up, so do the number of complaints, whilst the levels of service go down. It is for this primary reason that the Government is looking to privatise the Royal Mail. However, Post Boxes UK also believes that communal banks of letterboxes for new build housing estates (as a minimum) may become the norm, and that this may even give rise to similar banks of mailboxes for existing housing developments.




Pantone Mailboxes from Postboxes UK

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Pantone mailboxes from Postboxes UK

Pantone mailboxes from Postboxes UK

As you would expect from the nation’s leading manufacturer and supplier of banks of quality

RAL letter boxes

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

RAL letter boxes – why most manufacturers have a limited standard range

RAL letter boxes – why most manufacturers have a limited standard range


Click the link to see our

Letter Boxes for Offices

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Letter Boxes for Offices

Letter Boxes for Offices



In our last article we looked at mailboxes for student accommodation, and in particular what architects and developers should look for in a mailbox unit when specifying for a student accommodation project. In the following article, we will look at those issues which need to be addressed when specifying banks of letter boxes for offices.


A box is a box isn’t it?

At first glance, you may think that letter boxes for offices or student flats would be exactly the same. In some circumstances, this may be so (especially when dealing with large student cluster flats of six or more bedrooms). But primarily, the biggest difference is the amounts of mail received by office tenants.

Typically an office will receive a substantially larger amount of mail than say private residences or student flats. Generally speaking, a business or organisation will produce more paperwork which is either of a legal nature or that needs to be actioned by the recipient.


More mail, bigger needs

As such, the more paperwork generated by an office, the more mail it could expect to receive. Subsequently an office would need a

Mailboxes for Student Accommodation

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

Mailboxes for Student Accommodation

Mailboxes for Student Accommodation


With the number of students attending universities in the UK at an all time high, it is small wonder that blocks of student accommodation are springing up in virtually every major town and city. In this article about mailboxes for student accommodation, we look at the criteria which need to be addressed by both client and contractor.


Internal Letter Boxes

Due to the size and nature of typical student accommodation developments, internal letter boxes in large entrance lobby areas tend to be the norm. There are a number of reasons for this.

Firstly is that of size, or rather quantity. Imagine a city centre block of 100 student cluster flats. Having a bank of 100 external mailboxes would be problematic. Available space? Not just for the post boxes themselves, but what about resident students all in an external area which could be a public right of way?

Secondly, external units nowadays tend to be Secured By Design compliant. This usually means a large capacity mailbox has to be specified. Meaning a bank of mailboxes is going to be at least double the size originally intended.

Which is why most mailboxes for student accommodation developments are located in the internal lobby area. It also creates a focal point for the lobby area. A meeting place for the student community.



Student life can be stressful.

Cluster flats, shared post boxes

It is commonplace for students to share a cluster flat. Usually an apartment with a trendy open plan kitchen diner and lounge area, shared bathroom and washing facility and 3 to 6 bedrooms with internet access. So, if students can live together it stands to reason that a shared post box makes sense. A building with 600 students would in theory only need between 100 and 200 post boxes.

There would naturally be the requirement for additional post box keys. Generally ordered at the same time as the post boxes, these can also be supplied retrospectively by your supplier. If not, contact us at Post Boxes UK – we have ways and means. 🙂


Delivery to site

Wow! It never fails to amaze us how often mailboxes for student accommodation are either forgotten about or ordered right at the last minute. Clients who want 200 bespoke sized units in a non-stock finish for delivery by the end of next week.

OK that’s stretching the truth somewhat, but clients demanded it and we listened. As a result, Post Boxes UK offers an Express Delivery Service. We can supply banks of mailboxes to any RAL finish within 2 weeks. Even bespoke dimensions, it really is no problem – just a case of punching a couple of different numbers into a machine, and away you go.

With most mailboxes for student accommodation being delivered during the months of June and July, it is now when architects, contractors and developers need to give consideration to the types of postal box systems specified.


Mailboxes for Student Accommodation – Call an authority

Should you have a requirement for a mailbox system for your student accommodation project, contact the experts at Post Boxes UK on 0121 288 0838 and speak to one of our technical sales team. They will talk you through the options available and put forward a solution tailored to your specific budget and design criteria.