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In Front Out Back: Rear Access Letter Box UK

An ‘in front out back’ post box is also known as a rear access post box. If your property requires a rear access letter box we invite you to view our range. Discover the benefits and superior security features of a rear access steel post box from Post Boxes UK. We generally offer multi unit solutions on a supply and delivery basis for residential multiple occupancy apartments and business premises.
In the interests of security, when specifying a multi unit rear access post box we suggest chuted or high capacity letterboxes to counter the risk of theft by fishing via the aperture. Post that falls to the bottom of a larger mailbox is much harder for speculative hands to reach. An anti-theft baffle (a steel lip to the interior of the aperture) is a further device we use on our standard capacity and large rear retrieval letter boxes.
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We would always recommend using an approved carpenter, builder or glazer to install your bank of rear access letter boxes. A rear access post box can be wall recessed or fitted flush with double-glazed entrance doors. One of the things that sets us apart from other post box manufacturers and suppliers is our use of quality, industry approved security locks. This gives our clients complete confidence that their mail is being kept safe at all times.

We always use high grade European sourced Zintec steel and stainless-steel in the manufacture of our rear access letter boxes. This complies with European standards, ensuring robust and sturdy construction. We consider reliable, practical door design and high security locks to be vital for a superior dual access post box. Aperture size is also important and affects crime prevention. A maximum aperture height of 40mm is widely accepted as the limit if you want to deter unauthorised hands from ‘fishing’ for your mail. But many of our models are below that threshold, further increasing their anti-crime potential, whilst still complying with Royal Mail’s Large Letter Guide.

We provide extensive design options for our rear access post boxes. You are able to choose from a wide selection of RAL Classic colour powder coating finishes. Currently dark grey and satin stainless steel are particularly on-trend. Consider whether you would like bank of frear access letter boxes to include optional extras such as engraving, or intercom facilities. For door entrance panel in front out front mailboxes, we can offer the standard 24mm thermally broken front panel thickness, and even 28mm, 32mm and 36mm thickness. All are designed to be installed into double glazing profiles and be self supporting – no need for the internal bank structure to have support legs or frame. Our post boxes are extremely versatile and can be customised to match your requirements.

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