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H300-1 Horizontal Post Box

The H300-1 horizontal post box is a front entry front retrieval mailbox with anti-fishing aperture. Well suited to high-capacity installations such as mixed-use schemes, larger student accommodation projects, and high-rise apartment blocks, it offers a substantial capacity of 12.375 litres within compact 300 x 110 x 375mm (width, height, depth) dimensions. Designed to meet the specifications outlined in the Secured by Design Homes Guide 2016 and EN13724 regulations, this premium multiple occupancy mailbox offers safe, stylish, and secure postal delivery points.


    Supplied individually or as part of a letter box bank, H300-1 communal postboxes can be configured in any number to create a commercial letterbox area. Post Boxes UK offers an integrated service, which includes everything from planning and initial drawings to design, delivery and installation. Contact us to discuss your mail bank requirements.


    The H300-1 multi-occupancy mailbox is a standard in front / out front letter box, and as such, it can be installed using three methods: wall recessed (in-wall), wall mounted (on-wall) or as a free standing bank of mailboxes.


    To complement both internal and external applications, the H300-1 student accommodation mailbox is offered in over 200 RAL colours and a range of high-end finishes such as metallics, high gloss, matt velvet and much more. All the letter boxes in this range can be customised to complement building interiors and external landscapes, and we offer fire resistant and flame retardant paintwork to ensure you meet Building Control and Fire Regulations to BS476: Parts 6 & 7 (Class 0) also known as the London Underground specification.


    The H300-1 mailbox for flats is available to order now. For bespoke built-in projects, our standard lead time is 4 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the job. Contact us for a personalised design and installation plan.

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The H300-1 apartment letterbox is constructed in weather-resistant electro-galvanised steel and stainless steel. High-end hardware ensures longevity.

Post Boxes UK offers a selection of finishing surrounds for the H300-1 horizontal post box. 2mm casing surrounds, otherwise referred to as cladding, works well on both wall mounted and freestanding mailboxes, while 20mm / 40mm recess trim surrounds add the finishing touch to wall recessed letter box banks.

Those opting for freestanding bank of H300-1 multi-unit mailboxes have a choice of side support legs, pedestal legs, or a combination of both for larger post bank installations. In compliance with EN13724, your mailboxes should not be higher than 1800mm from finished floor level.

As specialists in bespoke mailbox banks, Post Boxes UK offers a premium personalisation service. Your H300-1 letter boxes can be customised with apartment numbering, engraved nameplate inserts, laser etched identification tags, or any other coding system required. We offer most Microsoft Windows fonts that can be applied to several different areas, including left or door.

Designed for daily use in high-footfall areas, the H300-1 student accommodation mailbox comes with a Eurolock Cam Lock as standard with up to 2000 differs. If this does not satisfy the requirements of your project, discuss alternative options with Post Boxes UK. We offer a huge range of premium locking mechanism such as RFID proximity locks, combination locks, digital locks and Salto compatible locks to suit every postal box system.

For reception managers, property developers, apartment management companies, and caretakers, Post Boxes UK offers a full range of replacement keys and locking mechanism for the H300-1 mailbox. Discounted rates for bulk orders.

As with all the mailboxes in the Post Boxes UK collection, the H300-1 multi unit letter box conforms to EN13724 and it meets the requirements of the Secured by Design Home Guide 2016. It is equipped with both an anti-fishing device and a high security locking mechanism to restrict unauthorised access.

The customisable mailboxes in the H300 range are made from quality materials, designed to complement indoor and outdoor applications, and equipped with the latest security features. The H300-1 model offers a generous mail capacity without taking up valuable wall/floor space, making it a great choice for offices, student lets, and mixed-use government buildings. It can be integrated with the H300-2 double height or H300-3 triple height high capacity mailboxes.

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