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H360-1 Horizontal Letterbox

Neat and compact, the H360-1 horizontal post box offers a total capacity of 9.9 litres within its 360 x 110 x 250mm (width, height, depth) dimensions. Well-suited to high density apartment blocks, student accommodation and universities, and communal reception areas, it can easily accommodate A4 sized documents without bending the envelope.


    While supplied as individual units, H360-1 modular letterboxes can be banked together with ease to create a communal post sorting area. Post Boxes UK offers a design-to-delivery service, which includes everything from the initial drawings right through to installation. The only limit on design is the space you have available. Contact us for a customised proposal.


    The H360-1 apartment mail box can be installed using 3 standard options. It can be left as a standalone unit on support legs, wall-mounted, or wall-recessed.


    The H360-1 multiple occupancy letterbox can be customised with a variety of RAL colours and high-end finishes including metallics, such as matt velvet, gloss copper, textured, anodic, and many more. We also offer multi-coloured mailbox banks for student accommodation projects and contemporary office installations.


    At Post Boxes UK, our standard project turnaround time is 4 weeks from receipt of order. This could be longer or shorter depending on the size and specifications of your project. Please contact us for further information.

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Hardwearing and durable, the H360-1 apartment mailbox is constructed in 1mm and 1.2mm electro-galvanised steel and stainless steel for optimal weather resistance. Streamlined and stylish, it will complement all indoor and outdoor environments.

Once you have decided on your chosen installation option, browse our finishing surrounds for a choice of trim options. H360-1 postboxes can be supplied with no surround, 1.5mm / 15mm casing surrounds, or 20mm/40mm recess trim surrounds. Finishing surrounds lend a professional finish and improved weather resistance.

Side support legs, pedestal support legs, and combinations of the two are available for the H360-1 mail box. In line with EN13724, Post Boxes UK manufacture support legs to meet the maximum recommended guidelines of 1800mm high from the finished floor level.

As with all the horizontal mailboxes in our exclusive collection, the H360-1 letterbox can be customised with engraving and laser etching. We can add apartment numbering, identification numbers, business branding, nameplate inserts, and more. We have most Microsoft Windows fonts and can personalise most areas of this premium mailbox.

A high-quality Eurolock non-mastered cam lock comes as standard with the H360-1 post box. If this doesn’t meet the requirements of your project, Post Boxes UK offers a range of alternative options including 500 / 2000 / 10000 differ cam locks, combination locks, push button Digi-locks, and Salto compatible locks. Contact us for further details.

Post Boxes UK offers replacement keys for the H360-1 Secured by Design mailbox. We also stock replacement lock programmes and offer discounts for bulk orders.

Equipped with an anti-fishing device, this EN13724 approved communal mailbox meets all the safety requirements outlined in the Secured by Design Homes Guide 2016.

The H360-1 is a space-saving mailbox with a low profile of just 110mm high. It stacks beautifully with other units in the range to create a modern letter box bank and lends itself well to commercial properties and shared residential developments.

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