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RH290-2 High Security / Anti Theft Mailbox

EN13724 approved, the RH290-2 anti-theft horizontal letterbox is well-suited to most developments. Meeting the requirements of the Secured by Design initiative outlined in the Homes Guide 2016, it is a secure postal storage solution for apartments, office blocks, and student accommodation. It’s generous dimensions of 290 x 200 x 380mm (width, height, depth) allow it to accept A4 size documents without bending for delivery, and it has a total capacity of just over 22 litres.


    Thanks to its compact dimensions and modular design, RH290-2 high security letterboxes can be banked together with ease. Post Boxes UK offers an integrated service for those who would like to install a fully-functional mail bank, including planning, drawings, delivery and installation. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


    There are three standard installation methods for the RH290-2 communal post box; wall-mounting, wall-recessed, and freestanding with support legs.


    Standard RAL, Non-standard RAL, and Multi-RAL colour options are available for the RH290-2 mail box, with over 200 different shades to choose from. Post Boxes UK also offers a range of premium finishes including textured, anodic, metallic powder finishes, stainless steel and black chrome.


    Our standard lead-time for the RH290-2 anti-theft apartment postbox is 4 weeks from order confirmation. We’ll deliver earlier than this if we can, and we’ll let you know well in advance if your bespoke letterbox project will take longer to deliver and install.

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The RH290-2 secure letter box is manufactured in 2mm (and 3mm bespoke) stainless steel and electro-galvanised steel for optimal rust, corrosion, and weather-resistance.

Once you have decided on an installation method, you can give your mailboxes a more polished look by adding finishing surrounds. Post Boxes UK offers a number of different finishing surrounds, trim options and cladding, which can be applied to both indoor and outdoor applications.

If you have decided on the RH290-2 Freestanding Letter Box, the next stage is to choose your preferred support legs. We currently offer side support legs that sit left and right of the unit and pedestal legs which sit directly underneath. Combinations of the two are available for larger projects.
To comply with EN13724, your installed mailbox bank should not exceed 1800mm in height from the finished floor level (FFL).

The RH290-2 multiple occupancy post box can be supplied with or without personalisation. Upon request, we can add apartment numbering, nameplates, business branding or identification numbers in your chosen typeface or font. Engraving and laser etching options available.

If you feel the Eurolock Cam Lock included with the RH290-2 virtually theft proof mailbox does not meet your requirements, Post Boxes UK can provide a more comprehensive security solution. We stock 500 / 2000 / 10000 / 5 million differ cam locks, combination locks, push button digi-locks, and many more. For advice on the right locks for your mailbox bank, please contact us.

Post Boxes UK offers discounted rates for bulk orders of spare keys and replacement locks. We can supply any number of keys for the RH290-2 anti-theft horizontal letterbox to meet the requirements of property developers and management companies.

As a high-security mailbox, it is no surprise that the RH290-2 model is fully compliant with EN13724 and the Homes Guide 2016 Secured by Design initiative. It has an anti-fishing device to prevent tampering and a solid locking mechanism to restrict unauthorised access. It is also available with a 5 million differ (security class 6) EN1303 compatible camlock, similar to the DHF TS009 standard.

The RH290-2 high-security letterbox is the most secure apartment post box on the market today. A great choice for high-risk areas where post-theft poses a problem, it is well-suited to high-rise apartment blocks and larger student accommodation projects.

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