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Rear Retrieval Dual Access Letterboxes

Our rear retrieval dual access letterboxes come in a wide range of RAL finishes, suitable for through wall and glazed door entrances. Conforming to EN13724 and where applicable, Secured By Design Homes Guide 2016.

Rear retrieval dual access post boxes and mailboxes

We have an extensive range of rear access postboxes and mailboxes at Post Boxes UK. Security can be an issue with in-front out-back units, where fishing can be a common problem with other manufacturers boxes. Accordingly, we ensure that our units have the necessary security features including substantial anti-theft baffle (anti withdrawal plate) to the inner aperture, sloping chute where allowable, and increased capacity.

For more information, or should you have any questions, please email us or call 0121 288 0838. We would be glad to assist.

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HR260 1 Rear Retrieval Dual Access Letterboxes Post Box Mailbox
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The HR260-1 rear retrieval dual access letterbox. Horizontal or chuted/sloping format, 260x110x380mm (w, h, d), with front/external delivery (in front...
HR300 1 Through Wall Letter Boxes Post Box Mailbox
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Our HR300-1 through wall letterboxes are front delivery and rear retrieval (also known as in front out back mailboxes), in either horizontal or chuted...
HR370 1 Post Box Letter Box Mailbox
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Secure horizontal rear access postbox, 370x110x270/380mm (w, h, d), with front delivery (in front out back). EN13724 approved to collect A4 letters wi...