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Robust Mailboxes

Our range of robust mailboxes have been designed to withstand sustained violent attacks, in order to keep mail safe and secure. Compliant with EN 13724 and Secured By Design Homes Guide 2016, each unit is manufactured from 2mm galvanised steel or stainless steel, and boasts an anti withdrawal plate to prevent unauthorised theft of mail by "fishing".

Robust Letterboxes - designed to reduce mail theft

Typically, each unit weighs approximately 8kg, compared to that of their European counterparts which weigh approximately 1kg. The thoughtful design of these units means that the doors cannot be opened by force with the use of a screwdriver or similar device.

For more information, or should you have any questions, please email us or call 0121 288 0838. We would be glad to assist.

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RH290 1 Robust Mailboxes Post Box Letterbox
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Our range of robust mailboxes are manufactured from 2mm electro-galvanised steel. The RH290-1 makes an ideal anti-theft post box or anti-vandal mailbo...
RH290 2 Robust Mailboxes Post Box Letterbox
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RH290-2 robust mailboxes are the larger capacity version of the RH290-1. Manufactured from 2mm electro-galvanised steel, it makes an ideal anti-theft ...
RV292 Robust Mailboxes Postbox Letter box
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RV292 robust mailboxes comply fully with SBD Homes Guide 2016, requiring the mailbox be of robust construction. Made from 2mm electro-galvanised zinte...