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Fire Resistant Post Boxes

Post Boxes UK stock a huge range of fire resistant mailboxes.  Protecting your mail from potential threats is at the core of our business.  Whether it is an accidental fire at your home or place of work, or a targeted arson attack, our letterboxes are designed to keep your mail safe for as long as possible.
As part of our Secure by Design and anti-crime ethos, we take fire risk very seriously. The unexpected can happen anywhere and at any time. Unfortunately low level crime, such as vandalism, theft and arson, is an increasing problem in our urban spaces. A fire resistant letterbox is a sensible safeguard, especially for on-street post boxes.
All of our Secure by Design post boxes are fire resistant mailboxes. Our selection of fire resistant post boxes are manufactured from non-flammable and robust materials. We only use high grade aluminium, steel and stainless steel.  Our fire resistant mailboxes can effectively withstand live fire for up to 60 minutes. This gives valuable time to contain the incident and retrieve the letterbox contents.
The choice of fire resistant mailboxes to be found at Post Boxes UK is second to none. As industry leaders in letterbox design and manufacture, we are the number one supplier of fire resistant mailboxes in the country.

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More Information

Individual Letter Boxes Fire Resistant

Our fire resistant post boxes are suitable for a diverse range of properties. This includes private residences as well as business premises. A fire resistant letterbox can either be recessed into an existing wall, be wall-mounted or alternatively be a stand-alone unit. We are happy to advise our customers on installation and preferential positioning of fire resistant mailboxes.

Communal Fire Resistant Post Boxes

Banked post boxes are an extremely popular option for apartment buildings and office blocks. In these circumstances a central mail delivery area is beneficial. Knowing that mail is held safely in a fire resistant letterbox gives piece of mind to residents and tenants.

Take a look through our blueprints of post box specifications to get an idea of the variety we supply. We offer an excellent selection of styles, finishes and dimensions. Any queries please get in touch so that we can help you find an ideal fire resistant letterbox solution.