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Secured by Design

What is a Secured by Design mailbox? It is one which is compliant with Secured by Design's Homes Guide (the latest March 2019), which sets out a number of stringent requirements in order that the letterbox meets the overall Police Initiative of designing out crime within the built environment. The SbD requirements are thorough relating to post boxes, and can be viewed here.

In brief terms, the Secured by Design Homes Brochure 2019 suggests that the mailboxes meet the following criteria to comply with their requirements:
  • Be of robust construction
  • A maximum aperture height of 40mm
  • Have anti-fishing properties
  • Have fire resistance where deemed necessary
  • Installed in accordance with manufacturers specification
  • Located in view, within a secure area at the primary building entrance point / exit point
  • Design & Protection
  • Guidelines & Construction
  • Installation & Placement

To help prevent unauthorised access and reduce potential crime, a maximum aperture height of 40mm is recommended, to which our range of Secured by Design mailboxes comply fully. A lockable letterbox should be of robust construction, have a secure door with anti fishing device to the inner aperture, and a high quality lock. Where deemed a required by Building Control, local Secured by Design officer or Architectural Liaison Officer, we can offer additional fire protection measures.

Our recommendations cover construction, fire resistance, installation standards and the location of a Secure by Design letterbox. A letterbox should look and feel secure. Every one of our Secured by Design mailboxes is made from high quality, robust materials. Our Secured by Design post boxes are manufactured from high quality European sourced steel and stainless steel, resulting in a robust and well made end product.

We encourage installing our Secured by Design mailboxes in well-lit, visible and frequently visited communal areas. This is usually at the entrance / exit point of the building. Where this is not possible, any area where CCTV camera(s) can be positioned may be an effective alternative. Where possible, we recommend that all fixing points on a bank of letter boxes be used to ensure secure installation.

The letter boxes below represent those of our units which meet the requirements of Secured by Design's Homes Brochure 2019. Post Boxes UK is also proud to be an industry leader with it's innovative range of anti-theft mailboxes, designed to combat mail theft and ID theft in high-risk environments.For further information please contact us by email at [email protected] or call +44 (0)1922 218218.

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Secured by Design Post Boxes: Ideal For Multiple Properties

Our Secured by Design post boxes follow general Police initiatives to curb crime both within urban and suburban areas. Secured by Design post boxes meet stringent and carefully considered guidelines. For this we have compiled a detailed list of requirements, as outlined in our Secured by Design Homes Brochure 2019.

Post Boxes UK are proud industry experts in anti-theft post boxes. Our innovative mailboxes are designed to counter mail and ID theft, particularly important in high-risk and communal environments. Our Secured by Design letterboxes are suitable for offices, apartments, hostels and homes.

Please note that our range of Secured by Design post boxes are not Certified by SbD to DHF Technical Standard TS009. This is not a requirement of the Secured by Design Homes Brochure, merely a recommendation. Secured by Design certified post boxes achieving TS009 standard are not available from Post Boxes UK, although our RH and RV anti theft mailbox range do theoretically meet this standard (EN1303 lock; fire resistance; anti fishing).

For further information please contact us by email at [email protected] or call +44 (0)1922 218218.