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Security Mailboxes

Security Mailboxes

If you have ever walked to your apartment letterbox and found it tampered with, you know the importance of a security mailboxes. A secure mailbox will keep all your mail locked in until you can get to it. It comes with a secure lock and anti-fishing baffle and sturdy steel construction.

Our anti-theft mailboxes keep not only your mail but also your ID secure. They are built to conform to the European Norm standard EN13724. Our mailboxes are also secured by Royal Mail Large Letter requirements as well as Secured by Design’s latest Homes Guide.

Hence they fulfil all the requirements set out by the relevant authorities. With our units, you are assured that your mail remains safely inside the box. The regular mail thief of opportunistic passer-by will not be able to get to it.

Fitting Your Security Mailbox

The key to having your new security mailboxes work perfectly for you is to have it installed correctly. Our units ensure that the incoming mail slot does not admit any mail or identity thief’s hands. The slot is too small for any thief to reach in and pull your mail out.

There are additional features that make our units superior to other brands. For instance, we have fitted our anti-theft mailboxes with industry-approved locks that make it difficult to pry the box open. Hence, your letterbox is wholly protected.

We only use the highest grade materials for our units. These include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Electro galvanised steel

These ensure that our product is robust, consistent and of excellent quality. Our letterboxes feature unique European locks as well as robust door design. The aperture height of our units is narrower than the standard 40mm. Ours comes with a 32mm height.

This is in full compliance to with Royal Mail’s Large Letter requirements. Additionally, your new anti-theft mailbox features an aperture restrictor that helps to prevent mail fishing.

We also provide you with a broad selection of finishing touches. This offer gives you a wide choice of metallic finishes as well as colour powder coating options. These options include the following:

  • Stainless steel
  • Anthracite grey
  • Simulated nickel
  • Simulated bronze

We also offer different designs of mailboxes, for applications such as:

  • Wall-mounted mailboxes
  • Free-standing mailboxes
  • Wall-recessed units

There is the added advantage of numbering options for each unit. We will customise your unit to suit your preferences and ensure you have a solution that suits your needs.

Theft Prevention Code

We strive to ensure that your mailbox is adequately protected. We understand that this is crucial for both business and domestic letterboxes. Our team of experts can deliver both new and existing projects and install units for individual use.

Our firm also understands the best methods to prevent mailbox theft. We ensure that the manufacturing process is of the highest quality. Having been in the business for over 15 years, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that our units are secure.


We understand the importance of keeping your mail and identity safe. We design our anti-theft mailboxes to ensure that thieves do not gain access to your mail. They can neither reach in to take your letters and other documents or pry the unit open to steal. Our units guarantee safety.

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(Please note – not all of the units highlighted below are security units. Please visit the anti-theft page for our full range.)

Security mailboxes and post boxes

Extensive range of commercial letterboxes and post boxes for apartments, compliant with Secured By Design Homes Guide 2016, European Norm standard EN13724, and Disablilty Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements.

For more information, or should you have any questions, please email us or call 0121 288 0838. We would be glad to assist.

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